Heritage Fund Initiative

The Heritage Fund Initiative is designed to celebrate personality and social psychology's heritage by honoring some of the great teachers and scientists who have made major contributions to field. In doing so, the Initiative is aimed at ensuring the field's future heritage by assisting its next generation of scholars. The Initiative allows students and colleagues to honor a cherished mentor by raising funds to establish an award in their name. Once sufficient funds have been raised, that mentor is placed in the Heritage Wall of Fame. FPSP has begun to use these funds to underwrite Heritage Dissertation Research Awards, which support graduate students conducting their dissertation research. 

Newest Heritage Inductee

David Funder headshotDavid Funder is widely known as a long-standing champion of research in personality psychology including the stability of personality and personality as a predictor of behavior. Read more...

Heritage Wall of Fame




John Darley

Kay Deaux headshot  

Kay Deaux




Lee Ross headshot  

Lee Ross

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Phillip Shaver