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APA Division 8 EC Meeting Notes Summer 2012

Division 8 Meeting Notes, August 5-6, 2012, Orlando

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Executive Committee Members: Beer, Biernat, Devine, Funder, Gable, Gardner, Gosling, Heatherton, Larsen, Pietromonaco, Vescio

Committee Chairs, Members: Conway, Dunning, Ferguson, Mendoza-Denton, Morf, Munoz, Payne, Pickett, Plant, Sinclair,

Executive Office: J. Dovidio, L. Dovidio, Schroeder


The Division 8 meeting was convened at 2:50 pm.


Introductions and Agenda: 

Trish Devine introduced and welcomed Ashby Plant, who was the Division 8 Program Chair and commended her for the excellent program at APA.

Division 8 Program Chair Report for the 2012 APA Convention: Ashby Plant expressed her gratitude to the "fabulous" set of speakers who presented. She noted, though, that attendance was limited, with audiences ranging from 7-35. She explained that these figures show the importance of having continuing education (CE) credits associated with presentations. None of these 2013 sessions offered CE credit. She urged that CE credits be offered for all Division 8 sessions in the future and that the Society communicate the importance to speakers, who are often reluctant to complete the paperwork. Ashby indicated that she will communicate information about how to make Division 8 programs eligible for CE credits to Tera Letzring, next year’s Division 8 program Chair. Tera should then begin working early with speakers in the 2013 Division 8 Program to obtain CE credits for their sessions. Members of the EC noted that Tera might think about recruiting speakers from the West Coast (APA’s 2013 convention is in Hawaii) to help limit travel expenses for individuals and the Society.

Members present discussed the added challenges of attracting speakers for the Division 8 program when the Executive Committee Meeting is decoupled from the APA convention (starting 2013). Ashby noted that she drew several of her speakers from people attending the EC meeting. It was suggested that Division 8 "think of the APA Convention as a chance to 'reach out' to share our work with others.” Trish remarked that Hawaii may represent a particular challenge for attracting speakers and audiences. Several ideas were discussed, such as subsidizing registration or travel for speakers or encouraging quality symposia on topics of interest to an audience at APA that were not accepted for SPSP be submitted for the Division 8 Program at APA. There were questions about the long-term value of sponsoring a Division 8 Program, which will be considered more fully by the EC, and whether the Society should consider the program as an advocacy opportunity. It was noted that APA will be allotting fewer hours to the Division in the future.

The EC voted 11-0-0 to continue to have a full Division 8 program at the 2013 APA Convention. It was agreed that, given the potentially unique challenges of the program in Hawaii and the fact that the next Division 8 Program Chair will face unusual challenges in the transition, SPSP will be open to requests for limited discretionary funds to potentially subsidize the conference program.

Vote: The EC voted, 11-0-0, to support a subsidy to support speakers’ travel, lodging, or registration for the 2013 Division 8 Program at APA. Some of these funds may come from the Executive Office Discretionary Fund.


This session of the Division 8 meeting was adjourned at 3:15 pm.

The Division 8 Meeting reconvened at 5:30 pm.


Minutes: The Minutes of the winter 2012 Meeting were approved without amendment.


Membership Report:

Jack Dovidio reviewed the membership information and noted that Division 8 membership continues in steady decline.


2011 Final Budget Report:

Jack Dovidio and Susie Schroeder presented the 2011 final budget. Income and expenditures were with the anticipated ranges.


2012 Mid-Year Budget & 2013 Proposed Budget:

Jack Dovidio noted the Murray Award expenditures are now more appropriately listed in the Division 8 budget and that income and expenditures were largely as expected for the 2012 Mid-Year Budget. The 2013 Proposed Budget was reviewed and discussed.


Division 8 Council of Representatives Report: 

Paula Pietromonaco explained recent discussions by APA Council concerning the need for changes in the APA governance structure and described three different "good-governance” proposals, representing from minor to major structural change.

Terri discussed the APA issue of establishing four permanent seats with full voting rights on APA Council for four ethnic minority organizations. These organizations currently have representatives attend the Council meeting, but they do not have a vote. While Council strongly supported this proposal, Council also subsequently voted to include pro and con statements in the ballot. Terri noted that proposals accompanied by pro and con statements typically are voted down. Vescio asked for permission to write an item to send to SPSP members on the listserv about this issue, encouraging SPSP members to support the proposal for full representation of the four ethnic minority organizations on APA Council. The EC supported Terri’s initiative.

Paula reported that APA governance is not interested in revisiting PENS.


This session of the Division 8 meeting was adjourned at 5:50 pm.


Monday, August 6, 2012


Executive Committee Members: Beer, Biernat, Devine, Funder, Gable, Gardner, Gosling, Heatherton, Larsen, Pietromonaco, Vescio

Executive Office: J. Dovidio, L. Dovidio, Schroeder


The Division 8 Meeting was reconvened on Monday morning at 10:10 am.


Budget Vote: 

The 2013 Proposed Budget was unanimously approved without amendment, 11-0-0.

Trish Devine expressed the Society’s appreciation to Paula and Terri for their important service to the Society and the profession.


The Division 8 Meeting was adjourned at 10:30 am.