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APA Division 8 EC Meeting Notes Summer 2013

Division 8 Meeting Notes, Thursday, July 18, 2013, Chicago


Executive Committee Members: Beer, Devine, Funder, Gable, Gardner, Gosling, Pennebaker, Pietromonaco, Vescio, Zárate; (Wood absent)

Committee Chairs, Members, other Representatives: Bosson, Finkel, Forsyth, Lowery, Mackie, Munoz, Payne, Schneid, Sommers

Executive Office: Claas, J. Dovidio, L. Dovidio, Schroeder

The Division 8 Executive Committee Meeting was convened at 10:20 AM.


Meeting Minutes Approval

The Minutes of the January 2013 Division 8 Executive Committee Meeting were approved without amendment (10 for/0 against/0 abstain).


Executive Officer Report

Jack Dovidio presented a brief overview of the issues facing Division 8 and the advocacy role of APA for the Society. After a brief discussion, the group confirmed the merits of continuing an APA Division 8 program at the APA annual convention.

Lisa Munoz mentioned that outreach and press coverage at last year’s APA convention had its challenges. APA has a large press office but they were difficult to work with and wanted to keep significant control on any press releases. She did find use of the TIP sheet very helpful. One idea presented was to have a psychology blogger at the APA convention and blog live.


Membership Report

Jack Dovidio noted that the number of Division 8 members continues in steady decline. The Executive Committee discussed the implications for Division 8, for APA, and for the relationship between the Division 8 and APA.


2013 Mid-Year Budget Report

The Mid-Year Budget was presented, reviewed, and discussed. It was noted that Division 8 Council Representatives currently pay their own registration fees for the APA Convention. The APA Convention is not one that the SPSP membership is expected to attend and since APA Council meets in conjunction with the Convention, the EC decided that, beginning with the 2013 APA Convention, Division 8 should reimburse the Division 8 Representatives the APA Convention registration fees for their activities on behalf of the Society.

The EC also voted that, if the Division 8 Program Chair’s APA Convention registration fee is not covered or waived by APA, Division 8 should reimburse the Division 8 Program Chair’s registration fee for the APA convention. Jack Dovidio was asked to contact the current Program Chair, Tera Letzring, whether APA covers her conference registration. (Tera subsequently reported that APA does cover her conference registration.)

The Executive Committee voted 8-0-2 (with the two Division 8 Council Representatives abstaining) to revise the 2013 Division 8 Budget to add $1,000 in expenses for reimbursements of the registration fees (normally at the Early Bird Registration rates) for the Division 8 APA Council Representatives and, if not already covered by APA, for the Division 8 Program Chair.


2014 Proposed Budget

Jack Dovidio and Susie Schroeder presented the Proposed 2014 Division 8 Budget to the EC. It was revised to include the additional expenses to reflect the previous decision to begin in 2013 to reimburse the APA Convention registration fees for Division 8 APA Council Representatives and, if appropriate, for the Division 8 APA Program Chair.

The 2014 Proposed Budget, as amended, was approved by the EC, 10-0-0.


Division 8 Program Chair Report

Jack Dovidio presented Tera Letzring’s Program Chair Report. The EC commended Tera for her outstanding work on the program. The EC considered each of the points for discussion in her report and concluded that (a) the ribbons for Division 8 members was not a high priority at this time; (b) the time in the Division 8 program devoted to the Murray Award Address would be reviewed annually by the EC in close consultation with the Division 8 Program Chair; and (c) any additional coverage of APA convention registration fees for invited speakers would be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Lisa Munoz discussed some challenges related to working with APA’s Public Relations Office and discussed how she will promote the dissemination of information from Division 8 presentations to the public.

Funds requested for co-sponsorship with Division 9 (SPSSI) for a social hour at the APA convention (which has occurred regularly for several years) was approved in the 2013 budget vote.


Report of the Division 8 APA Council Representatives

Paula Pietromonaco briefly reviewed the written report, but focused on two additional issues. She and Terri Vescio discussed the recent information that APA is facing a substantial deficit, largely due to a shortfall in income from books. In addition, they explained the different alternatives presented in APA’s Good Governance Report, which will be debated at the next APA Council Meeting. They explained that many of the controversies center around the issues of efficiency (e.g., a small group evaluating top administrators for compensation decisions; a triage system for issues coming to Council) versus transparency of process. Paula and Terri also commented on the significant consulting expenses associated with the Good Governance report and its contribution to APA’s deficit.


Some other recommendations from the Good Governance project are to:

  • Use technology for more online meetings
  • Increase the numbers in the leadership pipeline to get younger members
  • Have APA governance try a triage system
  • Call the Council "Assembly” instead
  • Add a fiduciary to the governing board review


The EC expressed its appreciation to the APA Division 8 Representatives for performing their duties so effectively.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:50am.