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APA Division 8 EC Meeting Notes Winter 2013

Division 8 Meeting Notes

January 20 and January 21, 2013, New Orleans, Sunday, January 20, 2013



Executive Committee Members: Beer, Devine, Funder, Gable, Gardner, Gosling, Pennebaker, Pietromonaco, Vescio, Wood, Zárate

Committee Chairs, Members, other Representatives: Conway, Finkel, Forsyth, Letzring, Lowery, Mendoza-Denton, Morf, Munoz, Payne, Pickett, Reis, Sinclair, Srivastava

Executive Office: J. Dovidio, L. Dovidio, Schroeder


The Division 8 meeting was convened at 4:26 PM.

The meeting minutes from the summer 2012 Executive Committee Meeting were approved without amendment, 11-0-0.


Secretary-Treasurer’s Report

The membership figures, 2012 Final Financial Report, and 2013 Budget were reviewed. Jack Dovidio noted the continuing and accelerating decline in the membership in Division 8. Susie Schroeder pointed out the budget lines indicating income for Division 8 coming from SPSP, Inc. The 2013 revised Division 8 Budget was approved, 11-0-0.


The Division 8 Representatives for APA Council Report

Paula Pietromonaco reminded the group that there is an upcoming spring Division 8 election and her first term will conclude 12/31/13. She noted that Division 8 is still allotted two representatives. Terri Vescio described the qualities (e.g., ability to network, interest in broad issues) that are valuable for APA Representatives.

Paula and Terri briefly reviewed points in their report and discussed APA’s support for increased funding for gun violence research.

The EC expressed its support for Paula and Terri’s efforts as APA Council Representatives.


APA Division 8 Program Chair Report

Tera Letzring, 2013 APA Division 8 Program Chair, reported that submissions to the Division 8 Program for the APA Convention are up, possibly due to the Hawaii location. All submissions were accepted.

Since the Murray Award was officially transferred to the Society of Personology 10/2012, the question of the reserving program time in 2014 and beyond in our Division 8 schedule was discussed. The 2013 Program, by pre-arrangement with the Society of Personology, will include the Murray Award Address. It was agreed that further discussion of the Division 8 Program at the 2014 APA Convention and whether the Murray Award Address would be included as part of the Program would occur in Executive Session.

A proposal to compensate two invited speakers for their conference registration for the 2013 APA Convention was discussed and approved, 9 yes/1 no/1 abstain.

The EC commended Tera for her efforts and initiative

The session was adjourned at 4:36 PM.





Monday, January 21, 2013


Executive Committee Members: Beer, Devine, Funder, Gable, Gardner, Gosling, Pennebaker, Pietromonaco, Vescio, Wood, Zárate

Executive Office: J. Dovidio, L. Dovidio, Schroeder

The Division 8 Meeting was reconvened in Executive Session at 9:30 AM.


Discussion of the Future of the APA Division 8 Program

Jamie Pennebaker discussed the value of SPSP continuing to participate in the APA Convention Program and to use the program for outreach. The EC discussed the importance of offering a limited Division 8 program at the APA Convention that focuses on topics that would be interesting and informative for attendees at the conference and carry continuing education credits. Trish Devine emphasized how critical continuing education credits are for attracting an audience at APA.

A motion was proposed that would enable the Division 8 Program Chair, beginning with the 2014 APA convention, to invite up to three scholars to give addresses that are consistent with the outreach mission of the Division 8 program articulated by the EC, with support for travel, lodging, meals, and registration consistent with SPSP guidelines for each invited speaker. The motion was supported, 11-0-0.

The EC emphasized that there should be a guiding principle of outreach. The administrative requirements related to offering continuing education credits, and the guidelines for reimbursement must be communicated systematically to each new Division 8 Program Chair by the Past Chair, and perhaps through a secure site on the SPSP website.

There was discussion about whether an hour of Division 8 programming would continued to be offered for the Murray Award Address in 2014 and beyond. SPSP committed time for the Murray address at the 2013 conference, but conveyed to the Society for Personology that there was no firm commitment beyond that convention. David Funder was charged with talking with appropriate representatives of the Society for Personology to learn more about their interests and plans, and to report back to the EC for further discussion at the summer meeting.


The Division 8 Meeting was adjourned at 9:50 AM.