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Diversity Fund

The SPSP Diversity Fund provides support to increase the degree of diversity within personality and social psychology. With financial support from this fund, qualified graduate students from underrepresented groups are invited to apply for travel awards to attend the SPSP conference. The award includes up to $500 in conference-related expenses, and students do not need to present any research at the conference in order to qualify. The SPSP Diversity and Climate Committee also hosts a reception for award recipients during the conference, where they will have the opportunity to meet with an admired scholar in social and personality psychology of their own choosing. Donations to the Diversity Fund helps sustain the Diversity Fund Travel Award program and may be used for new initiatives to make SPSP, Inc. a more diverse and inclusive organization.

Please visit SPSP Diversity Initiatives for more information, including information about the Diversity Fund Graduate Travel Award and information on diversity within psychology.