Collette Eccleston: Statement

For over 20 years, being a social psychologist has been a core part of my identity. I was drawn to, and remain in the field because I am passionate about using research to answer questions about people’s behaviors and addressing social issues. I am running for Member at Large in order to advance the application of our research and increase the impact of our field has on society.  This will require leveraging the research of all social-personality psychologists, including those who work in non-academic settings. Having conducted research in both academic and non-academic settings, I have a distinctive perspective on the ways in which application of social and personality psychology can benefit society.  I would be delighted to have the opportunity to use this perspective in service of the advancement of our field.

In my work in a non-academic setting, I use social and personality psychology on a daily basis.  For example, many organizations are wrestling with matters of diversity and inclusion, and understanding issues such as how implicit attitudes shape behavior and factors that may negatively influence intergroup interactions.  At my own company, I used social and personality psychology research to create a course that addresses these topics. The course is now offered to the entire company and  this research is shaping the diversity and inclusion efforts more broadly. I am certain that work like this is happening in many organizations, and is just one example of how research of social-personality psychologists can benefit society. Thus, as a board member, I would focus on the execution and application of social psychological research in non-academic settings, and the social-personality psychologists who work in those settings. As a start, I would work with other members of the Executive Board to ensure SPSP is an organization that serves and is welcoming for both academic and non-academic psychologists. Additionally, I would be interested in creating mechanisms for collaboration between academic and non-academic psychologists. 

As social and personality psychologists, we are well positioned to have significant positive impact on society through our research.  I look forward to helping us achieve this mission by serving as Member at Large.