Paula R. Pietromonaco: Statement

I would be honored to serve as President of SPSP. I served on the SPSP Executive Board for six years during a time of considerable change and growth, including the restructuring of the executive office, selecting a new Executive Officer, and the development of a strategic plan. By serving on the board during this time, I gained considerable knowledge of the history, operation and vision of the organization, and this experience has provided me with a strong foundation to effectively serve the society.  My research, which focuses on interpersonal processes in close relationships, is grounded in both social and personality psychology, and both areas are key to the success of SPSP.  My broad goal would be to continue and extend the many excellent efforts developed by past and current SPSP leaders to best serve the needs of our field. Some examples of particular importance include (a) supporting diversity and inclusivity at all levels of the organization and in the field, from the involvement of undergraduate and graduate students to those employed within and outside of academia at all career stages, (b) openly and constructively discussing and addressing major issues in the field such as guidelines for best research practices (including a consideration of differences across diverse research areas), research funding, and navigating an increasingly challenging job market, (c) broadly disseminating our research findings and making their importance clear to the general public, and (d) mentoring and nurturing social and personality psychologists both within and outside of academia. Many of our best graduate students seek out positions in academia, but many also are attracted to a variety of positions in the nonacademic sector. Building on current efforts to more actively involve these individuals in SPSP offers the potential to consider different perspectives as well as open up new internship and job opportunities, and showcase social psychological and personality science beyond academia. SPSP has become the organization that brings together all social and personality psychologists.  I believe that SPSP needs to be at the forefront in shaping the direction of our field, in offering a place for constructive debate, in creating an environment where open, transparent and replicable science is supported, encouraged, and valued, in making our science widely available and accessible to the public, and in advocating for both funding and policies relevant to our field.