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SPSP Program Committee Announces the 2015 Annual Convention Program Chairs: Simine Vazire and C. Nathan DeWall Get ready for Long Beach! The program of the 2015 SPSP Annual Convention is now online. You can find information about all of the exciting symposia, special sessions, and posters at This year’s program includes the wide range of research topics that you’ve come to expect from SPSP conventions, including everything from morality and relationships to life transitions and social identity.
PSPB & PSPR have updated the terms of their contributor agreements.  The journals now request an exclusive license to publish and distribute articles, instead of a transfer of copyright.  This means authors will remain owners of the copyright to their articles while the journals will receive an exclusive license to publish the articles.
 The Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association will be held in Washington, DC August 7- August 10, 2014.
The Foundation for Personality and Social Psychology is pleased to announce that David Hamilton and John G. Holmes have been added to the Heritage Fund Wall of Fame. Professors Hamilton and Holmes have made innumerable important contributions to our discipline. We are grateful for their contributions to the field, and to their colleagues and students, whose generous donations made this installation possible. The Heritage Fund Initiative was instituted to honor the legacy of our field's most important scholars, by providing a link between generations in personality and social psychology.
Five recipients of the SAGE Young Scholars Award, which is supported by a generous donation from SAGE Publications, are putting their $5,000 grants to use in the field of personality and social psychology. With the assistance from the award, Kristina Olson (University of Washington) has been able to pursue a new project in her lab that explores gender identity and gender cognition in transgender children.
The SPSP President’s Report The first of each year marks the annual shift in SPSP leadership. David Funder, who has done a masterful job as SPSP President transitioned into the Past President role and Mark Leary became the official President Elect. Trish Devine, who has been a significant force in the rebuilding of the Society, is now off the presidential treadmill. It is my honor to begin my one-year term as President. This is a vibrant time for the field of social and personality psychology as well as for our professional society.