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If you are an SPSP member and have an idea for Character and Context, contact one of the C&C editors: Mark Leary (lead editor,, Shira Gabriel (, or Brett Pelham (

Character and Context publishes five kinds of blogs:

  • “Cutting-edge Research” posts describe recent journal articles that provide new, intriguing, and/or useful insights about human behavior.

  • “A Closer Look” posts provide analyses/explanations of current events from social and personality perspectives, written by an expert in the topic.

  • “On-line Classroom” blogs offer readers with knowledge and insights about real-life psychological and social phenomena that are studied by personality and social psychologists. 

  • “Perspectives” blogs are opinion pieces offer that offer and defend a point of view regarding a particular issue or plan of action.

  • “Good Reads” are reviews of popular books that deal with social and personality psychology.

If want to pitch an op-ed, share a news story, or have another idea for broadcasting your work reach out to us at

Writing Scientific Blogs

How do you communicate effectively and dramatically so that others want to read and hear what you have to say?  Here are a few helpful links to get you started writing as a science communicator, blogger, science advocate, and science outreach enthusiast.

Science Journalism

Writing Leads

Several “schools of thought” on writing the beginning of the story. Sometimes you’ll find a better answer as you write your piece.


6 Tips for Catching Your Writing Mistakes by Amy Morgan

Have a writing resource worth adding? Contact us and we’ll take a look.