Coming Soon: “Demystifying the Academic Job Market” Article Series

Spotlight on academia

By Hasagani Tissera

It is common among graduate students in social psychology to seek out a career in academia. What does this entail? What are the profiles of other graduate students who successfully transitioned to academia? Over the upcoming months, SPSpotlight will be launching an article series aimed at demystifying the processes relating to the academic job market.

Over the past few months, the SPSP Student Committee has been collecting data from a sample of individuals who have recently been or are currently in the academic job market. This data will be relayed in an accessible manner to all SPSP student members in the upcoming articles.

Questions addressed will include:

  • How many publications did people have when they first received an assistant professor offer?
  • What are the outcomes of people’s first job search?

Each article will focus on main topic, such the transition from doctoral studies to post-doctoral studies. All articles will feature results collected from SPSP members.

The objective of this article series is to make the process of transitioning out of graduate school more accessible. Often students are unaware of what to expect after graduating. This is one step towards making the process more transparent!