The SPSP Board of Directors is a 10–12-person board with twice-yearly meetings. The Board conducts most of its business electronically (email). The presidential trio, Treasurer and Executive Director make up the Executive Committee of the Board and have authority to act outside of the two meetings to carry out the business of the Society. The Board manages the vision of the organization and guides its strategic initiatives while ensuring the priorities of the society are managed by appointed committees and staff. The Board focuses on initiatives and does not manage the day-to-day operations of the Society. The Board is supported by the Central Office staff for these measures and reviews routine updates of the status of projects and administration of the Society. Positions on the Board are not open to Undergraduate Students or Associate Members of SPSP.

* All costs for Board travel to the Summer meeting are covered. Hotel accommodations of two room nights at the convention hotel and convention registration are provided for Board members to attend the Winter meeting.