Starting next month, SPSPotlight will be embarking on a more in-depth journey through specific topics that are of interest to our graduate and undergraduate student audience. While most of our articles involve a brief look into a certain topic or question, this series will delve deeper into the issues and potential resolutions of student concerns.

Each article series will consist of 2-3 parts, or articles, each addressing subtopics encompassed by the broader series. Within each of these articles, we may interview administration, faculty, and/or graduate students, and include general suggestions on how to approach the issues covered in the subtopics.

“Interpersonal Dynamics in Grad School” will be our first article series, and "Working with Advisors” will be our first subtopic article.

For those of you interested in contributing to our article series, please send an email with the subject line “Interest in article series” to Lucy ( or Hasagani ( We would love to share your wisdom with our SPSP community!