The Submission Portal will be open from June 22 – July 20 (11:59 PM ET). The deadline for undergraduate poster submissions is September 21.

See below for the different types of submissions and Submission Guides for each type. Submission guides lay out the information that will be collected when the portal opens so that you can begin preparing.

Science: Symposium Submission

Symposia are sessions organized by a chair that are comprised of 3-4 scientific presentations on similar topics. These 60-minute sessions offer attendees the chance to hear from some leading researchers in the field. The content of symposia is entirely scientific, offering a look into cutting-edge research.

  • Chair Submission Guide  Word | PDF
  • Speaker Submission Guide  Word | PDF

Science: Single Presenter Submission (Poster, Research Spotlight, Roundtable Unconference, Data Blitz, and Single Paper)

  • Single Presenter Submission Guide  Word | PDF
  • Roundtable Unconference Submission Guide  Word | PDF
  • Undergraduate Poster Submission Guide  Word | PDF
    This poster submission period is for undergraduate students only; the general submission period ends on July 20. This undergraduate poster portal will be open through September 21, 2022 (11:59 PM ET).

Professional Development & Workshop Submission

  • Professional Development & Workshop Submission Guide  PDF