Learn more about efforts to minimize the environmental impact of the SPSP Annual Convention.

Carbon Offset Tax

Between transportation, food, housing, and waste, our conference will produce about 5,300 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). Because these emissions will have a negative environmental and social impact, SPSP is taking immediate action to support emissions reduction projects in other locations. During the registration process, registrants are provided the option to contribute to our carbon offset tax. If all attendees to the SPSP Annual Convention pay $10, we can support projects that offset 50% of our emissions; $20 per person would support projects that target the full size of our emissions. Our collective contributions will fund projects from an effective and ethical source, such as helping fund wind power in areas such as Rajasthan, India; solar cooking for refugee families in Darfur; methane capture in the United States; or reforestation in Colombia to help sequester CO2.

SPSP is joining many scientific societies that are moving toward international standards for emission reductions. 

Hyatt Regency Atlanta

Food & Beverage

  • Incorporate in-season offerings within our menus. 
  • Request information on dietary restrictions to prepare the appropriate amounts of meals. 
  • Order food based on guarantees confirmed by clients. 
  • Gang menus by the day of the week to decrease waste.
  • Limit the use of plastic/paper at water/beverage stations by using glassware only.  
  • Boxed lunches go into a paper bag as opposed to a thick box.  
  • The hotel works directly with a few local food banks on donating certain food and beverage items.

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