The SPSP Evolutionary Psychology (EP) Preconference—in its 21st year—provides a forum for discussing cutting-edge research examining how social psychological processes have been shaped by recurring physical and social challenges faced over human evolutionary history.

Regularly among the top-attended preconferences, the EP Preconference attracts established researchers, new investigators, and graduate and undergraduate students from around the world. Invited speakers present full-length research talks; slots to present cutting-edge data blitzes and posters are competitive, featuring scholars across career levels.

Presented research covers a broad range of topics, including cooperation, health, morality, aggression, social cognition, mating, and personality. The EP Preconference fosters interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers from various domains of social, personality, cognitive, developmental psychology, and anthropology, and provides an optimal forum for introducing psychologists—from students to faculty—to the ways evolutionary theory can be used to cohere disparate findings, generate novel predictions, and ultimately enhance our understanding of psychology and behavior.

Official preconference website: 

Invited Speakers

  • Leda Cosmides, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Jeffry Simpson, University of Minnesota
  • Maryanne Fisher, Saint Mary’s University 
  • Mark Moffett, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
  • Eric Pedersen, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Daniel Sznycer, Oklahoma State University
  • Marcela Benítez, Emory University
  • Jordann Brandner, Elon University

Need-Based Registration Subsidies

This year we are again offering need-based registration subsidies to help offset the cost of preconference attendance for students and early career researchers with financial hardships or who are traveling long distances to attend. If you have no or minimal travel funding and this would make it difficult for you to join us, we may be able to cover your preconference registration costs. 

To apply for a registration subsidy, please fill out this form before Nov. 15. Priority will be given to applicants who will be presenting a poster or data blitz.

Preconference Organizers

Juliana French,, Oklahoma State University
Nicholas Grebe,, University of Michigan