As nations attempt to make sense of the causes and consequences of mass shootings, war, restricted rights, poverty, rising populism and nationalism, and systemic biases, the importance of diverse scholarship on both large-scale movements and small teams is clear.

The Group Processes and Intergroup Relations preconference takes a diverse approach to understanding both the destructive and the rejuvenating power of human groups. Broadly, this program highlights diverse scholarship which focuses on societal and organizational issues, including collective violence and extremism, strategies for disrupting and reinventing oppressive systems, stimulating creative work teams, and promoting groups for mental health and well-being.

Preconference Organizers

Amber Gaffney, amber.gaffney@humboldt.edu, California Polytechnic University Humboldt
Michael Hogg, michael.hogg@cgu.edu, Claremont Graduate University
Christine Smith, smithc@gvsu.edu, Grand Valley State University
Teri Kirby, kirbyta@purdue.edu, Purdue University
David E. Rast III, david.rast@ualberta.ca, University of Alberta


This preconference is accepting submissions for posters with the possibility of an invited talk. A review panel will select and make an offer to one of the poster submissions. All submissions must be completed by 11:59 PM PT on Nov. 15. If you have questions, you may email precons@spsp.org or the preconference organizer listed above. For further questions, email amber.gaffney@humboldt.edu

Our Submission Guide outlines all the information needed for submitting to a preconference. 

Preconference Organizers

Distinguished Speakers

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