The Misinformation & Belief Science preconference will bring together scholars and practitioners who work on understanding and tackling misinformation in society from multiple subdisciplines. The presenters will focus on novel theoretical, methodological, and empirical insights into the belief, sharing, and spread of misinformation, and associated behavioral changes. It will also investigate how people come to believe new information (both true and false) and how those beliefs can be changed or altered, and the connection (or lack thereof) between beliefs and behaviors. There will be a focus on why people are susceptible to misinformation, the development and evaluation of counter-misinformation interventions that may correct or prevent false beliefs, and the cross-cultural replicability of the findings.

Our goal for this preconference is to increase community and connections between researchers around the globe who are researching misinformation and belief change. The study of misinformation crosses disciplinary boundaries with researchers from various fields of psychology (social, cognitive, applied), political science, communication, sociology, and computer science. The planned preconference will have a strong focus on mentoring and skill development along with the dissemination of novel findings. The day will feature 20-30 minute talks from invited speakers from a variety of perspectives, data blitz talks from Early Career Researchers (chosen from submissions from postdocs and pre-tenure faculty), and a poster session (submissions will be open to anyone). In addition, we will have a skill-sharing session where invited speakers share knowledge on how to best conduct research on misinformation and belief science (e.g., working with industry partners, choosing and pretesting stimuli, communicating your research to practitioners and the broader public). We will also have a “Lunch with an expert” event where students and other attendees can sign up to have lunch with our invited speakers and other senior scientists.

Preconference Organizers

Lisa Fazio, lisa.fazio@vanderbilt.edu, Vanderbilt University
Rakoen Maertens, rm938@cam.ac.uk, University of Cambridge



This precon is accepting submissions for posters and flash talks / data blitz only. All submissions must be completed by 11:59 PM PT on Nov. 15. If you have questions, you may email precons@spsp.org or the preconference organizer listed above.

Our Submission Guide outlines all the information needed for submitting to a preconference.