The Personality Science Preconference showcases new directions in personality and individual differences research across diverse topics, methodologies, and samples. Programming includes traditional symposia, an early career data blitz, hack-a-thons, and ample opportunities for open discussion, encouraging active involvement by all attendees. Given that personality psychology is the study of similarities and differences in individuals’ experiences, we will feature programming that intersects with social, cultural, clinical, health, biological, organizational, and community psychology and beyond. Join us!

Preconference Organizers

Ted Schwaba, [email protected], Michigan State University
Oliva Atherton, [email protected], The University of Houston
Erica Baranski, [email protected], California State University, East Bay

This preconference is sponsored by the Association for Research in Personality.


Our Submission Guide outlines all the information needed for submitting to a preconference. Please click here to download the submission guide from the SPSP Annual Convention page.

Preconference Submissions Now Open

All submissions must be completed by 11:59 PM PT on October 18.
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