This preconference will bring together researchers that study various forms of extreme behavior (such as addictions, violent and political extremism, extreme diets, extreme sports, extreme love, extreme humanism, or extreme groups) in order to explore the psychological and biological commonalities they share. The line-up includes ten invited speakers who will give talks about extremism from different perspectives, as well as a data blitz and poster sessions.

The conference will be related to the forthcoming handbook on this topic titled 'The Psychology of Extremism: A Motivational Perspective' which explores the commonalities that various types of extremism share. The idea of the pre-conference is to bring together researchers from various areas of study and create a platform to exchange thoughts and ideas that can help define the domain of extreme behavior and establish it as a fruitful area of study across levels and disciplines. This year's preconference will mainly focus on extremism in the realm of love—in both romantic or platonic relationshipsand hate—in the form of violence and aggression.  

We invite submissions for data blitz and poster presentations that address those topics. All levels and analyses (behavioral, neuro, genetic, cognitive) are invited and encouraged. We are seeking to represent the widest possible variety of approaches to the topic. 

To be considered for the data blitz and poster sessions, please use the online submission portal to submit a talk title, list of authors and affiliations, and two abstracts (one 400-character abstract for the program; one 1200-character abstract for review purposes). The long abstract should describe the study goal, methods, and results. Please be sure to specify if you would like your submission to be considered for a data blitz (5-minute talk) or a poster. If you choose data blitz, your submission will automatically be considered for a poster if not accepted as a data blitz. People at all career stages are encouraged to apply.

Preconference Organizers

Arie Kruglanski, kruglanski@gmail.com, University of Maryland
Erica Molinario, erica.molinario@gmail.com, Florida Gulf Coast University
Ewa Szumowska, szumowska.ewa@gmail.com,  Jagiellonian University


This preconference is accepting submissions for poster and data blitz presentations. All submissions must be completed by 11:59 PM PT on Nov. 15. If you have questions, you may email precons@spsp.org or the preconference organizer listed above.

Our Submission Guide outlines all the information needed for submitting to a preconference.