Digital technologies are deeply embedded in our everyday lives. We engage with a diverse set of devices, platforms, and agents to communicate, navigate our environment, and seek information or entertainment. As a result, social scientists are at the forefront of a dynamic and difficult undertaking: to understand the psychological antecedents and consequences of technologies that are changing each year. In this preconference, researchers from psychology and communication share their work and ideas for this area of research. The theme for the 8th meeting will highlight the importance of communication and the self, illuminating the dynamics of online interaction and self-processes. Beyond the central theme, the invited symposia, data blitzes, and posters will explore a diverse range of topics connected to core areas of social and personality psychology, allowing participants to engage with the wide spectrum of research (and researchers) falling under the umbrella of media and technology psychology.

Preconference Organizers

Gabriella Harari, [email protected], Stanford University
Joseph Bayer, [email protected], The Ohio State University
Sumer Vaid, [email protected], Stanford University


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