Welcome to the 12th annual Sustainability Psychology Preconference! This year’s theme is “Diversifying Sustainability Psychology: Towards the inclusion of diverse populations, actors, and methodologies.” Our field could have wide-reaching relevance given the urgency and ubiquity of the impacts of climate change and other environmental issues. Nevertheless, the existing research has been developed with predominantly samples and researchers in Western, developed societies as well as with a strong focus on individual-level processes. This year’s preconference showcases cutting-edge research that extends the predominant scope in sustainability psychology. We will place the spotlight on work that includes diverse populations (both participants- and researchers-wise) and that examines multiple levels of actors (e.g., nations and corporations), and that employs innovative methodologies (e.g., computational methods). Our preconference is open to participants from all levels and professional backgrounds and will include a keynote address, invited speaker sessions, blitzes, poster sessions, and a networking event. 

Keynote Speakers

  • Taciano Milfont
  • Adam Pearson

Diverse Populations Symposium

  • John J. B. R. Aruta
  • H. Shellae Versey
  • Kurt Waldman

Diverse Actors Symposium

  • Sara Soderstrom
  • Sankar Sen
  • Linda Silka

Diverse Methodology Symposium

  • Madalina Vlasceanu
  • Sarah Giest
  • Damien Brevers

Preconference Organizers

Kimin Eom, kimineom@smu.edu.sg, Singapore Management University
Stylianos Syropoulos, ssyropoulos@umass.edu, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Organizing Committee Members

  • Kimin Eom, Singapore Management University, Chair
  • Stylianos Syropoulos, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Chair
  • Jennifer Cole, Vanderbilt University
  • Ash Gillis, Vanderbilt University,
  • Tyler Jacobs, Miami University of Ohio
  • Rainer Romero-Canyas, Environmental Defense Fund
  • Anandita Sabherwal, London School of Economics
  • Kristin Hurst, Southern Illinois University
  • Sara Constantino, Northeastern University
  • Yoshihisa Kashima, University of Melbourne, Senior Advisor
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This preconference is accepting submissions for data blitzes and posters.

We will begin accepting submissions on Sept. 1. All submissions must be completed by 11:59 PM PT on Nov. 15.

If you have questions, you may email precons@spsp.org or the preconference organizer listed above.

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