The submission portal for the 2023 Convention regular submissions is now closed. Submissions for the Convention Collaboration Zone are also closed. 

Are you organizing a submission on a particular topic but need more presenters? Are you hoping to find someone with applied perspectives on a topic? Use the Convention Collaboration Zone to submit information about your research to find like-minded collaborators. The convention submission portal will be open June 22 - July 27, 2022.

Convention Collaboration Zone Submissions Closed

To view submitted listings to the Convention Collaboration Zone, use the "Search Submitted Listings" function below.

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To search all collaborators, leave this form blank and click "Search" below.

Note: This page is designed specifically for people seeking presenters for the SPSP Annual Convention. If you would like to find other opportunities for collaboration, please visit our general Collaboration Zone page.

If you would like to change or remove your listing, please email

Disclaimer: This space is designated as a meeting ground for you to get in contact with potential submission participants; however, it is your responsibility to set up arrangements. Please note that SPSP will not be matching you up or assigning through this Collaboration Zone. Applications must go through the regular submission portal and process.