Submission Guide

In order to be considered for a poster in the 2022 SSSP Program, all participants of each submission must consent to and comply with the following SPSP Policies:

  • An individual may be submitted for only one submission in the role as presenting/first author. If an individual is found to be included as these roles on more than one submission, all associated submissions will be voided before review.
  • An individual can be accepted for a maximum of one submission: one submission in the Data Blitz and Individual Talks categories or one submission in the Poster Presentation category.
  • All speakers/presenters must be members of SPSP for 2022 in order to participate in the SSSP program.
  • All speakers/presenters must be paid registrants of the conference in order to participate in the SSSP program.
  • Data collection and analysis do not have to be complete at the time of submission. The purpose of this change is to allow people to present newer research at SSSP, since there is a delay between the time of submission and the actual conference. We also want to be consistent with larger changes in the field regarding evaluating the scientific rigor of the methods versus the significance of the results, somewhat akin to pre-registered reports for journals. Note that although data collection does not need to be complete at the time of submission, we do require a clear indication that data collection and analysis will be done by the time of the conference. This means that you should only utilize this option if you are certain that the study will be done by that time.

Please use this form to gather all of the necessary information for consideration for the 2022 SSSP Conference in Oxford, MS. The portal will be open from Aug. 15-31, 2022.


Posters are the largest form of programming at the SSSP Conference. Posters will be scheduled during three dedicated poster sessions during the day of programming. Poster dimensions TBA.

Data Blitz/Flash Talk

Data Blitz presentations are 5-minute rapid fire presentations grouped into a single session of 20 presentations. Presenters have limited time to give attendees the very best of their research. These popular sessions give attendees the chance to capture the span of the field in one session.

Individual Talks

Individual Talks presentations are 15 minutes long each and will be grouped with two (2) other Individual Talk presentations for a total of three (3) presentations in one session.

Submission Requirements

  • Title of Presentation
  • Summary for program materials
  • Summary for evaluation purposes
  • Author(s) Info
  • Research Info
  • Submission's involvement in equity and anti-racism goals of SPSP (if applicable)

Questions? Please email