What is the Foundation for Personality and Social Psychology?

Since its inception, the Foundation for Personality and Social Psychology (FPSP) has been quite active, initially establishing the SAGE, Diener, Cialdini, and Rusbult career awards. Through the Heritage Initiative, FPSP has also launched additional awards to honor those who have made significant contributions to our field. As a direct result of funds raised, since 2014 FPSP has awarded up to 10 graduate students per year with Heritage Dissertation Awards to help fund their dissertation research.

FPSP is designed to provide crucial support for wide-ranging, forward-looking, long-term activities that could enhance the discipline. It focuses on development and fundraising, seeking gifts and donations to fund activities that have the potential to augment and broaden the vigor of personality and social psychology. In the future, FPSP will seek to fund an array of valuable activities within the SPSP portfolio including fellowships, travel grants, research projects, conferences, and innovative educational programs. 

Personality and social psychology faces many challenges, but also lives in an era of unprecedented opportunity. "May you live in interesting times" is an admonition of unclear origin but obvious meaning. Clearly, these are interesting times for the discipline. FPSP was established to rise to the challenge of these interesting times—aiming to raise philanthropic funds and sponsor activities to advance the mission of SPSP and personality and social psychology more generally. FPSP is a non-profit charitable organization incorporated in the state of New York since 2006, legally separate from related organizations, while sharing a common commitment to personality and social psychology.