Meet your new co-editors for the SPSP student newsletter: Vivian Ta and Andrew Triplett.

A little bit about us:

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4th year Experimental Psychology PhD student at the University of Texas at Arlington

Research:  My research lies at the intersection of language and relationships. Specifically, I study how people develop a mutual understanding for each other (i.e., latent semantic similarity) in face-to-face and computer-mediated interactions. I also investigate the factors that can influence these processes and how it can affect the way people perceive and behave towards each other.  

About me: I enjoy long-distance running and reading (but not at the same time). I also enjoy taking at least 500 pictures of my cat, Milhouse, daily. I’m a former market research intern at, can speak 3 languages, and am an avid traveler. I’m very excited to be co-editor of the SPSP Student Newsletter, and I am looking forward to meeting everyone in San Antonio!



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3rd year Applied Social Psychology PhD student at Loyola University Chicago

Research: My research focuses are the influences on and consequences of aggressive behavior.  I am currently doing research looking at how various types of media influence an individual’s level of aggression. Along with my research I also have a passion for statistics. I work as a consultant on various different projects entailing some advanced methodology, including latent growth curve modeling.  

About me: I am originally from Columbus, Ohio and spent my undergraduate years at THE Ohio State University (Go Bucks!!). I love to travel, ski, and have a diehard love (possible dependency) of coffee. If you would ever like to discuss research, need help with some stats, or just want to tell me about a really cool place to visit, please feel free to email me. I hope to get to speak to you all at some point and look forward to hopefully meeting some of you at the upcoming 2017 SPSP Convention in San Antonio!



Our vision for the newsletter:

We have two main goals for the SPSP student newsletter. Firstly, we want the newsletter to serve as a tool to help you succeed in your endeavors, whether it’s announcing research or job-related opportunities, listing important SPSP deadlines, or providing tips on productivity. Secondly, we want the newsletter to facilitate communication and foster connections between readers. That’s why we will be incorporating your thoughts on a variety of subjects for each issue of the newsletter. We believe that the SPSP student newsletter should focus on the needs of our student members, and we will do whatever we can to do so. If you have a comment, suggestion, or just want to chat, feel free to send us an email. We will be happy to hear from you!