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On the Blog

Sébastien Goudeau writes on the Hidden Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Class in Classrooms via Character & Context

Because classrooms are conceived to be a level playing field, having higher cultural capital also means being perceived as being smarter. Goudeau delves into their recent research  that examines how forced social comparisons in the classroom can contribute to social reproduction in education.

In the News

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They’re out there—if we can find them via Politico

Julianne Holt-Lunstad is quoted in a feature story on healthcare, social isolation, and public health in Maine.

How the Chargers' Move to Los Angeles Affects the Padres via The Atlantic

Ed Hirt is quoted in a story on how San Diego fans’ perception of themselves and their city is at stake as sports teams move to new cities

Why We Shut Ourselves Off From Opposing Viewpoints via Pacific Standard

Tom Jacobs quotes several members as he writes about new research that points to some deep-seated psychological reasons we prefer to retreat into our ideological silos.

Why You Trust Email Way More Than You Should via Science of Us

Reporter Matthew Hutson qoutes Nick Epley on some of our email and in-person coommunication anxieties.

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