The growth mindset and empathy figure prominently this week. See what else you may have missed online.

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In the News

Virtual reality may encourage empathic behavior  via Medical Xpress

What are we like? 10 psychology findings that reveal the worst of human nature  via Research Digest

Why do people stay when a hurricane comes?  via The New York Times

Are siblings more important than parents?  via The Atlantic

Is it better to be like your partner?  via BBC Future

High stakes decision-making causes a little more cheating, a lot less charity  via Medical Xpress

Trigger warnings: Emotional benefit or alerts without purpose?  via Medical Daily

Study uncovers how echo chambers provide the initial fuel for misinformation to go viral  via PsyPost

You lead differently when you want to be liked  via Psychology Today

When ignoring your spouse can help your relationship  via Medical Xpress

Growth mindset doesn’t only apply to learning – it’s better to encourage your child to help, than to be “a helper”  via Research Digest

Blushing reveals the social concerns of narcissistic children  via PsyPost

Here's why the internet has made us lonelier than ever  via Psychology Today

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