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In the News

Self-driving car dilemmas reveal that moral choices are not universal  via Nature

High stakes decision-making causes a little more cheating, a lot less charity  via Medical Xpress

Americans are distinguishing between Muslims and terrorists via Pacific Standard

How to capitalize on your team’s diversity  via Scientific American

Binary bias distorts how we integrate information  via Medical Xpress

Why are we so angry? via BBC Radio

Strangers smile less to one another when they have their smartphones  via PsyPost

Mobile communication lab lets any person participate in any study  via Cornell Chronicle

Psychologists discover surprise reason why people stay in unhappy relationships  via Newsweek

First impressions count, new speech research confirms  via Medical Xpress

Tetris: It could be the salve for a worried mind  via ScienceDaily

The wax and wane of ovulating-woman science  via Slate

Three is not good company for women job seekers  via Yale News

I’ll have what she’s having: Books for better sex and better relationships  via The New York Times

How to stop delegating and start teaching  via Harvard Business Review


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