This week saw the passing of two greats in the field: John Darley and Walter Mischel. See what else you may have missed online.

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Emotionally stable people spend more during the holidays, according to new study via SPSP

Humans might not be altruistic 'avengers' after all  via Medical Xpress

Why it’s so hard to put ‘future you’ ahead of ‘present you’  via The New York Times

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How good people can fight bias — without being defensive or expecting a prize  via Salon

You probably made a better first impression than you think  via Medical Xpress

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Smiling often driven by feeling of engagement, social or not  via PsychCentral

How to make a big decision  via The New York Times

Proof that using brain teasers in a job interview is sadistic  via The Cut

The broken hearts club  via The Psychologist

Happiness hinges on personality, so initiatives to improve well-being need to be tailor-made  via The Conversation

Gut-based decisions often held with stronger conviction  via PsychCentral

The first study to explore what cisgender kids think of their transgender peers  via Research Digest

These 6 new books about psychology can help you succeed at work  via CNBC

Viewing positive appearance-related comments on Instagram leads to greater body dissatisfaction  via PsyPost

All you need is a little encouragement from your friends  via Pattern Health

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