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Welcome to Retirement. Who Am I Now?  via Working Knowledge
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In the News

The ‘real you’ is a myth – we constantly create false memories to achieve the identity we want  via The Conversation

Personality traits may help predict holiday spending  via PsychCentral

Walter Mischel, 88, psychologist famed for marshmallow test, dies  via The New York Times

What is 'micro-cheating'? And does it really count?  via NBC News

People like you more than you think, a new study suggests  via Time

Do you dehumanize members of groups you don’t like?  via Psychology Today

Why you don't really have a 'type'  via BBC Future

The danger of judging scientists by what they discover  via Scientific American

Black space, white blindness  via Slate

Voting for the losing side can affect your performance at work  via

Scientists identify four personality types via The Washington Post

Can you spot dishonesty in a politician’s face?  via PsychCentral

Who likes to be alone? Not introverts, according to a new paper on personality and the experience of solitude  via Research Digest

Are Trump's tweets self-defeating?  via Pacific Standard

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