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On the Blogs

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In the News

Should animals, plants, and robots have the same rights as you? via Vox

Moral outrage in the digital age with Molly Crockett via The Psychology Podcast

Findings from the first ever multi-institutional survey of faculty retention & exit [Infographic] via Harvard

Why do so many couples look alike? Here’s the psychology behind the weird phenomenon via Time

Beyond Biden: How close is too close? via The New York Times

New findings about why some people fall for fake news and pseudo-profound b.s. via PhysOrg

Insecurities may drive people to save more via Medical Xpress

Researchers working to prevent sexual harassment in scientific field settings via PhysOrg

All that stuff about birth order? Forget it via The Herald Tribune

Police stops unintentionally increase criminal behavior in black and Latino youths via PhysOrg

"Hyperscans” Show how brains sync as people interact via Scientific American

How faking positivity can push service-industry workers to drink via Pacific Standard

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