Patience, allies, and procrastination. Read what you may have missed in the world of personality and social psychology on this week's ICYMI roundup.

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On the Blogs and OpEds

Are Men Really Funnier Than Women? via Character and Context

Why Do Groups Protect Immoral Group Members? via Character and Context

My Enemy’s Enemy is My Friend—Common Enemies Blur Lines between Groups in Conflict via Character and Context

The Racial Identities Multiracial People Adopt May Depend on How Others Treat Them via Character and Context

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We Volunteer to Help Others, but Research Shows How Much it Helps Us, too via The Washington Post

The Dark Side of Self-Control via HBR

How “Paralinguistic Cues” Can Help You to Persuade via Scientific American

Go Ahead and Eat that Marshmallow. Patience Can Make You Unhappy. via The Washington Post

Americans on the Right and Left Change Their Minds After Hearing Where Trump Stands via The Conversation

In the News

Is rationality overrated? via Vox

The science of evil [audio program] via BBC Radio 4

Study finds lonely people tend to be introverted and neurotic and somewhat less agreeable and conscientious via PsyPost

Even babies know what’s worth their effort via Nature Human Behavior 

Are we morally obligated to meditate? via Vox

Why procrastination is about managing emotions, not time via BBC Future

Is it okay to sacrifice one person to save many? How you answer depends on where you’re from. via Vox

People don’t learn to trust bots via Scientific American

Researchers asked older adults about the strategies they use for combatting loneliness via Research Digest

Efforts to avoid appearing dishonest may actually lead to lying, study finds via Medical Xpress

New study reveals why people react differently to economic disparities via PhysOrg

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