Kay Deaux is the winner of the 2016 Distinguished Scholar Award. In her address at the 2017 SPSP Annual Convention, Kay expressed her gratitude for being selected, offered thanks to many people who supported and influenced her professionally, and explained why she took the path she did. She described some of her professional collaborations and what she gained from each, and noted the importance of keeping science and reason – and relevance – at the forefront of social and personality psychology, and of joining with others who share our values. View her remarks in their entirety.

SPSP also asked Kay about how she came to the research areas of gender and ethnic and immigrant identities, why she believes involvement with professional organizations is important, about memorable advice she’s received, and to share some of her other perspectives on the field. In the interview, Kay discusses the importance of situations and circumstances, advises new researchers to follow their passions, recommends collaboration with other disciplines, and more. Read the full interview.

The Distinguished Scholar Award is a senior career award that honors a scholar who has made distinctively valuable research contributions across his or her career that bridge personality and social psychology or bridge personality or social psychology to another field. It is intended for individuals whose career contributions are outstanding, but do not fit neatly within the prototypical social or personality research areas. Nominations for this award, and for many other SPSP awards, are open now through June 1. If you know a colleague who would be a great candidate for an award or would like to nominate yourself, you can learn more