Do you use Google Chrome? SPSpotlight co-editor, Vivian Ta, shares 7 Chrome extensions that you can use to work more productively and study most efficiently.

  1. OneTab – Do you always have a ton of tabs open in Chrome? One Tab can collapse all of your open tabs into one organized list. You can add and remove websites from your list, bookmark the list, lock the list, make multiple lists, name the lists for organization, or share the list with others.
  2. My Study Life- Got a busy schedule? Organize your schedule and to-do lists with this extension, which was created to easily absorb and understand all the information you put in it. You can make a full schedule of your meetings, classes, important dates, exams, etc, and it will then give you a complete overview of everyday’s schedule and notify you of upcoming events and due dates.
  3. Note Board- Wish you could post notes on a website and leave it there for the next time you visit? This note-taking app allows you to create a note on any website and insert it where you want. It will stay there each time you visit until you delete it.
  4. Read&Write - This extension reads anything out loud to you. It can be useful for grammar checks or multitasking.
  5. Screencastify Need to make a last-minute instructional video for your students? This screen capture tool allows you to do so quickly.
  6. StayFocusd It can be difficult to stay off of Facebook or other time-wasting websites when you’re trying to get things done. This extension limits the time you spend on these websites to improve productivity.
  7. Save to Drive- Cut down the time you spend while performing literature searches. This extension allows you to save anything to your Google Drive with just one click.

These extensions will help you stay organized, effective, and productive so that you can perform at peak capacity.