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Dear Members of the SPSP Community,

Last year, the SPSP Board of Directors announced a new mission, vision, and strategic plan for SPSP. Among many priorities, SPSP reaffirmed its commitment to our need to “enhance diversity of people and ideas in the field and promote an inclusive and respectful climate.” This includes efforts to assess, develop policies, and provide guidelines that facilitate a positive climate in SPSP as well as in the field more broadly. Based upon recommendations from the Strategic Planning Task Force Subcommittees, the SPSP board has asked the SPSP Sexual Harassment Task Force and the Diversity and Climate Committee (DCC) to conduct a climate survey to learn more about your experiences at SPSP conferences, as well as SPSP sponsored events (e.g., SISPP).

The overall goal of the survey is to provide SPSP with important information needed to tailor policies, procedures, and funding priorities in order to promote diversity and inclusivity as well as to prevent and respond to harassment and discrimination. Your perspective is important, and we hope that you will be willing to spend the approximately 15 minutes that is required to complete the survey.

Thank you for your consideration,

The SPSP Diversity and Climate Committee & Sexual Harassment Task Force

Diversity and Climate Committee:

  • Julie A. Garcia, co-chair, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
  • Diana T. Sanchez, co-chair, Rutgers University
  • Daryl Wout, John Jay College-CUNY
  • Evelyn Carter, UCLA
  • Kristin Pauker, University of Hawaii

The Sexual Harassment Task Force:

  • Oz Ayduk, co-chair, UC Berkeley
  • Sam Sommers, co-chair, Tufts University
  • Justin Garcia, Kinsey Institute, Indiana
  • Camille Johnson, San Jose State
  • Victoria Plaut, Berkeley Law School
  • John Pryor, Illinois State
  • Tomi-Ann Roberts, Colorado College
  • Pamela Smith, Rady School of Management, UCSD