Washington, DC - Recent news, in conjunction with the #MeToo campaign, reminds us as a professional society that we need to do everything we can to ensure that SPSP-linked events adhere to our values and policies.

Since implementing a Code of Conduct in 2015, SPSP has investigated every complaint received that was an alleged violation of the Code. Some cases have resulted in consequences being applied. Out of respect for those submitting reports, we will not go into detail but know that we take each report seriously.

SPSP also commissioned a climate survey in August of this year, to help address these issues. The survey will take place in 2018, with results to follow in the same year.

The SPSP Annual Convention has for 19 years been the premier international event for more than 3,800 social and personality psychologists who engage professionally at the convention while sharing research ideas and results, forging collaborations and professional networks, and developing skills and techniques. Attendees at all career levels come back year after year to further their careers and the field, which makes creating a welcoming and harassment free environment a priority for SPSP. At the convention we engage in scientific discourse, and pursue our common goals of innovation, rigor, transparency, and integrity in our work, while embracing the diversity of people and ideas. These core values are at the heart of why we convene our members each year.

SPSP does not tolerate harassment of any kind at any SPSP event or during any SPSP programming. We understand events have happened in the past, and are working to improve going forward. We are committed to providing an intellectually stimulating, collegial, supportive, and harassment-free environment for all attendees and participants.  

We reaffirm the priority we place on providing to all our members an intellectually and professionally welcoming environment that is free of harassment of any kind. Our Code of Conduct, approved by SPSP’s Board of Directors, identifies expected behavior, makes clear what behaviors are unacceptable, and specifies the consequences of unacceptable behavior.  

By being proactive and specific in our expectations, SPSP Leadership is working to attain the highest possible standard of professionalism at all society events.

Media Contact:

Chad Rummel, Executive Director SPSP

crummel@spsp.org (202) 869-3241