Congratulations to the newest SPSP Fellows! We are thrilled to welcome our 2021 cohort, a group of inspiring individuals who have made extraordinary and unique contributions to the field of personality and social psychology.

2021 SPSP Fellows

Photo of Modupe Akinola

Modupe Akinola

Photo of  Emily Balcetis

Emily Balcetis

Photo of Michael Bernstein

Michael Bernstein

Photo of Wiebke Bleidorn

Wiebke Bleidorn

Photo of Patrick Carroll

Patrick Carroll

Photo of  Richard Contrada

Richard Contrada

Photo of Lucian Conway

Lucian Conway

Photo of Clayton Critcher

Clayton Critcher

Photo of Kenneth DeMarree

Kenneth DeMarree

Photo of Jaap Denissen

Jaap Denissen

Photo of James DuBois

James DuBois

Photo of Yarrow Dunham

Yarrow Dunham

Photo of Erin Fekete

Erin Fekete

Photo of Julie Garcia

Julie Garcia

Photo of Hal Hershfield

Hal Hershfield

Photo of Hans IJzerman

Hans IJzerman

Photo of Li-Jun Ji

Li-Jun Ji

Photo of Camille Johnson

Camille Johnson

Photo of Sonia Kang

Sonia Kang

Photo of Kevin Ladd

Kevin Ladd

Photo of Robert Livingston

Robert Livingston

Photo of Penelope Lockwood

Penelope Lockwood

Photo of Traci Mann

Traci Mann

Photo of Francis McAndrew

Francis McAndrew

Photo of Julia Minson

Julia Minson

Photo of Brad Okdie

Brad Okdie

Photo of Elizabeth Page-Gould

Elizabeth Page-Gould

Photo of Sarah Pressman

Sarah Pressman

Photo of Eshkol Rafaeli

Eshkol Rafaeli

Photo of Jennifer Ratcliff

Jennifer Ratcliff

Photo of Nick Rule

Nick Rule

Photo of Krishna Savani

Krishna Savani

Photo of Louis Tay

Louis Tay

Photo of Joshua Tybur

Joshua Tybur

Photo of Leigh Ann Vaughn

Leigh Ann Vaughn

Photo of Theresa Vescio

Theresa Vescio

Photo of Ethan Zell

Ethan Zell