The SPSP Nominations and Elections Committee is pleased to inform you of the results of the 2022 elections:

  • 2024 President: Cynthia Pickett
  • Board Member at Large for Science - Programming: Valerie Taylor
  • Board Member at Large for Science - Publishing: Chris Crandall
  • Division 8 Council Representative: Jennifer Lodi-Smith

We also wish to acknowledge the valuable service of those who agreed to stand for election:

  • Amy Summerville
  • Leslie Ashburn-Nardo
  • Simine Vazire
  • Kate Ratliff
  • Katherine Reynolds

Thank you for the service of our outgoing Board of Directors:

  • Past President: Monica Biernat
  • Board Member at Large for Science: Programming: Denise Sekaquaptewa
  • Board Member at Large for Science: Publishing: Alison Ledgerwood
  • Division 8 Council Representative: Eugene Borgida

Thank you to all who participated in the process, by serving on the Nominations and Elections Committee, participating in the call for nominations process, and/or by voting. We feel confident in the future of our society given the caliber of those who chose to run and serve in leadership capacities. 

Nominations and Elections Committee
Monica Biernat, Chair
Katherine Duggan
Collette Eccleston
Jon Freeman
Robyn Mallett
G. Scott Morgan
Shigehiro Oishi
Michael J. Platow