Congratulations to the newest cohort of Fellows! We are proud to welcome 22 SPSP Fellows and one new APA Division 8 Fellow. Please join us in congratulating the psychologists listed below, each of whom is making exciting and significant contributions to personality and social psychology!

Photo of Lara Aknin

Lara Aknin

Photo of  C. Daryl Cameron

C. Daryl Cameron

Photo of Sylvia Chen

Sylvia Chen

Photo of Joey Cheng

Joey Cheng

Photo of Lisa Fazio

Lisa Fazio

Photo of  Stephen Garcia

Stephen Garcia

Photo of Kurt Gray

Kurt Gray

Photo of Joshua Hicks

Joshua Hicks

Photo of Vera Hoorens

Vera Hoorens

Photo of Keiko Ishii

Keiko Ishii

Photo of Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson

Photo of Jeremy Jamieson

Jeremy Jamieson

Photo of Amy Muise

Amy Muise

Photo of Michael Poulin

Michael Poulin

Photo of Phia Salter

Phia Salter

Photo of Rebecca Schlegel

Rebecca Schlegel

Photo of Colin Smith

Colin Smith

Photo of Eddie Tong

Eddie Tong

Photo of Michelle vanDellen

Michelle vanDellen

Photo of Matt Vess

Matt Vess

Photo of David Yeager

David Yeager

Photo of Kumar Yogeeswaran

Kumar Yogeeswaran


2023 APA Division 8 Fellow

Photo of Jonathan M. Adler

Jonathan M. Adler


For more information about SPSP Fellows or APA Division 8 Fellows, please visit our Fellows page.