The SPSP Board of Directors meets three times each year to receive updates from committees and task forces, review financial reports, vote on proposed action items and discuss the Society's strategy. Our summer meeting was held virtually on July 13 and July 27.

We have shared a few key developments from our recent meeting below to keep SPSP members updated on the Board's efforts.

Strategic Planning Update

The Board voted to approve the draft framework of SPSP's strategic plan. The draft is now being reviewed by the strategic planning task force, which will provide feedback and edits. After those revisions have been incorporated, we will distribute the draft plan to SPSP members and request comments. The new strategic framework will be in place at the start of 2023.

New Consent Agenda Process

To streamline Board meetings and make the most of our members' time, a new process was implemented for approving routine procedures, policies that have already been put into practice, and basic motions that fall within the scope of SPSP's mission. Board members now review materials related to these items and vote to approve them before the meeting takes place. This allows more space for substantive discussion of strategic issues. This process occurred during this meeting, and will be used in our meetings going forward.

Empowering Members to Engage

SPSP is always looking for opportunities to engage with members and encourage them to become involved in our work through volunteer committees and other initiatives. During the meeting, Board members discussed strategies for connecting with members outside of our regular Call for Volunteers process which occurs yearly in May. We encourage you to share feedback with the board here and host a Free-Form Friday session to engage with your peers.

Confirming the Next Editor of Character & Context

The Board voted to approve the selection of Dr. Jennifer Crocker as the next Editor-in-Chief of Character & Context, SPSP's flagship blog. Character & Context explores the latest findings from research in personality and social psychology and covers a diverse array of topics. Dr. Crocker is a Past President of SPSP and is featured on our Heritage Wall of Fame. A Professor and Ohio Eminent Scholar in Social Psychology at the Ohio State University, Dr. Crocker has won many awards for her scholarship and has long been a leader in our field and our Society; we are thrilled to welcome her to this role. She will serve a two-year term, beginning on July 1, 2023 and ending on June 30, 2025. Until Dr. Crocker's term begins, current Editor Dr. Judith Hall will continue in the role. We would like to thank Dr. Hall, as well as her Associate Editors H. Colleen Sinclair and Leah Dickens, for their continued service and commitment to Character & Context.