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SPSP has a variety of resources to help members explore and navigate the non-academic job market.

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Non-Academic Job Market Survey

  • Recognizing the growing interest in non-academic jobs and the lack of information regarding the non-academic job market for social and personality psychology graduates, the 2020-2021 SPSP Student Committee gathered quantifiable information on recent graduates’ experiences on the non-academic job market including features of the applicant profile (e.g., number and types of internships, skills, publications), job search strategies, and employment outcomes.
March 2021 SPSPotlight: Non-Academic Job Market Survey


Completing an internship outside of academia can provide exposure and experience that will help in the decision about what career path to pursue.

To find a non-academic internships, check out:

  • Websites for specific companies and organizations of interest
  • Job/internships search engines: USAjobs, Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Google, your university career center
  • Your network
  • Social media: Twitter, Facebook groups

Perceptions of Non-Academic Internships

In 2016, a task force was charged with surveying SPSP membership on their opinions on non-academic internships for personality and social psychology students and found interest and support from all segments of our membership.