Each month, a variety of student members will provide insight and tips on a particular topic. This month’s topic:

What’s the best way to network at a conference?

“Attend a pre-conference with the person or people you want to network with and then set up a meeting during the main conference.”
-David Johnson, Michigan State University

"You don't have to force yourself to talk to people who are intimidating, or even those who are rude, arrogant, or trying to push their own agenda. Talk to the people who are nice and interesting. Future opportunities can come from all sorts of places."
-Hanne M. Watkins, University of Pennsylvania

“If there is someone you want to network with, go to one of their presentations and ask them questions about their research. Then, ask if they would be available to meet you for coffee so that you can learn more about their research and discuss ways you can contribute to their research. The key is to always seem genuinely interested in what they’re doing. Make it seem like it’s about them, and not about you.”
-Eric Russell, University of Texas at Arlington