The SPSP Student Committee has put together resources to help you decide whether graduate school is right for you, how to apply, and what to expect during the process.

Roadmap to Graduate School

Part 1: Tips for Getting Started and Making Good Use of the Summer

  • An overview of master’s, PhD, and PsyD graduate programs in psychology
  • Information on how to apply to these programs
  • Explanation of the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE)
  • Tips on preparing for applications

Part 2: Acing Your Application

  • Actionable tips for students considering graduate school
  • Materials that are typically submitted with applications
  • Writing strong statements of purpose
  • Formatting CVs
  • Updated for 2022!

Part 3: What's Next?

  • What happens after you apply
  • What to expect from your interviews and typical timelines
  • Suggested questions to ask while interviewing
  • Tips for before, during, and after your interviews
  • Other paths between undergraduate and graduate school, with tips on how to find a research position

Handbook to Applying to Graduate School in Social and Personality Psychology

This comprehensive guide touches on topics such as:

  • Preparation before your application year
  • Whether a master’s or PhD program might be right for you
  • Advice on personal statements, recommendation letters, and interviews
  • Checklists and timelines


Special thanks to Fernanda Andrade, Katie Austin, Jenny Barton, and Hannah Moshontz for spearheading this project with important contributions from Angela Robinson and Mona El-Hout.