Presented at SPSP 2022 Annual Convention


What is the job of a psychology researcher? We design studies, write papers and grant proposals, teach and mentor—and increasingly, we communicate our findings via the media. Podcasts like Hidden Brain and magazines like Psychology Today trade in findings from our field, and outlets ranging from NPR to GQ cover cutting-edge psychology research. The public's interest in our field provides exciting opportunities to "give away our science" by making our work accessible beyond readers of academic journals. However, talking to the media is not without challenges. Our panel of media pros (and top-notch scientists) will tackle both sides of the media coin, addressing opportunities and challenges that come with being in the public eye. Meet our panelists: Sonja Lyubomirsky, a well-being scientist and author of 2 bestselling books, including The How of Happiness; Ethan Kross, an emotion scientist and author of Chatter; Jean Twenge, an expert in generational differences and author of 6 books, most recently iGen; and Kathleen Vohs, an influential self-control researcher and author of more than 250 papers and 9 edited books. Kate Sweeny (Chair) will guide the panel discussion and Q&A.


Speakers: Kate Sweeny, University of California, Riverside; Sonja Lyubomirsky, University of California, Riverside; Ethan Kross, University of Michigan; Jean Twenge, San Diego State University; Kathleen Vohs, University of Minnesota