Presented at SPSP 2022 Annual Convention


Our field is grappling with core ethical issues, including dealing with questionable research practices as well as justice, equity, and inclusion in science. Amidst this, discussions of healthy university climates have received relatively little attention. The reality, however, is that bullying and academic abuse may be relatively common. Due to structural power imbalances in academia, graduate students and early career researchers are particularly at risk of bullying and abuse, often at the hands of advisors or more senior faculty members. Such experiences can have significant adverse effects on victims.

The goal of this professional development session is to help students, early career researchers, and faculty members recognize such situations so a) those affected feel less alone in navigating them and b) those witnessing such situations feel empowered to act and become allies. To this end, scholars from all career stages will discuss how they have faced and overcome such situations or supported those facing such abuse through these experiences. By sharing their experiences, the panelists will also discuss methods for cultivating healthy workplace and collaborative environments.

Speakers: Dennis Esch, Cranfield University; Lisa Jaremka, University of Delaware; Simine Vazire, University of Melbourne; Steven Piantadosi, University of California, Berkeley; Fernanda Andrade, Duke University