Presented at SPSP 2022 Annual Convention


Moving from a primarily research-focused university or position to a primarily teaching-focused university or position presents unique challenges and benefits. This panel consists of early- to mid-career scholars representing a diverse range of teaching positions for psychology-trained scholars. Lupita Gonzalez teaches psychology courses on race and intersectionality at a small liberal arts college. Kayla Jordan teaches data analytics at a graduate-focused STEM university. Laura Naumann teaches psychology at a predominantly undergraduate, minority-serving, public four-year institution with a very high teaching load. Leslie Berntsen teaches introductory psychology and mentors graduate student instructors as a non-tenure track faculty member at an R1 institution. Kristina Howansky teaches statistics and methods at a small public liberal arts college. Members of the panel will discuss a number of topics and will provide tips for securing and getting started in a teaching position, fostering interdisciplinary collaborations, balancing teaching, research, and service as a woman and/or POC, and engaging in inclusive and anti-racist teaching practices.


Speakers: Guadalupe Gonzalez, Allegheny College; Kayla Jordan, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology; Laura Naumann, Nevada State College; Leslie Berntsen, University of Southern California; Kristina Howansky, Saint Mary's College of Maryland