With National Science Foundation funding, the Society for Personality and Social Psychology offers biannually (in odd-numbered years) a two-week intensive summer experience for up to 100 pre-doctoral students in social and personality psychology.

SISPP typically offers five courses, in dual-instructor format, led by top researchers and teachers in the field. The program also offers two unique workshops, exposing you to current and important data analytic techniques and research methodologies.

Apply to Be an Instructor for SISPP 2025

The Institute runs from Sunday to the following Friday (tentative dates and location are July 13 – 25, 2025 at Northwestern University).  


  • The deadline for submissions is January 15, 2024.
  • Instructors will be compensated $6,000, with lodging, transportation, and food expenses covered.
  • Questions may be addressed to SISPP Committee members, Shige Oishi or Jessica Tracy or sent to [email protected]

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Recommended that faculty be tenured (though all are welcome to apply).
  • Demonstrated experience and visibility in the proposed topic.
  • Commitment to uphold the SPSP Code of Conduct throughout the program.
  • Instruction is co-delivered over the two weeks and you must be able to commit to attending for the duration of the program.
  • Participate in a pre-SISPP training session with all SISPP faculty members.

Applications Closed

Apply to Be a Student for SISPP 2025

Selected attendees of SISPP can look forward to:

  • Engaging with distinguished instructors on topics of cutting-edge theories and research.
  • Attending methodological workshops exploring innovative research methods and data analytic tools.
  • Networking with pioneers in their fields to develop partnerships for future collaboration, funding, and support of our science.
  • Immersing in an environment of their peers—rich in diversity across race, discipline, gender, and department size—designed to support interactive and unique collaborative opportunities.

Student applications will be open from November 15, 2024 – January 15, 2025.