Practical best practices for psychological science

Instructor: Alison Ledgerwood

This workshop will survey cutting-edge developments in research methods and practices, with the goal of providing you with the information you need to understand (a) when and why various strategies are useful and (b) exactly how to implement these strategies in your own research to maximize what you learn from both individual studies and cumulative research synthesis. Topics may include: when and how to preregister predictions and pre-analysis plans, when and how to conduct different kinds of replications, how to think wisely about statistical power and how to discuss it in a manuscript, how to conduct sequential analyses, how to conduct a within-paper meta-analysis across studies that may have different designs, and how to critically evaluate meta-analyses.

Demystifying the Academic Job Market

Instructors: Jay Van Bavel, Neil Lewis

This one-day workshop will prepare participants for navigating the academic job market. Faculty panelists will (a) share strategies for preparing competitive applications and (b) provide concrete feedback on how to improve attendees’ materials. The faculty panel will consist of faculty members who were either recently successful on the job market (Assistant Professors) or recently served on academic search committees (Associate and Full Professors). Attendees will be asked to send drafts of their job documents a week prior to the workshop so that instructors have time to review them in advance. On the day of the workshop, the first half of the day (9:00am-12:00pm) will consist of detailed presentations and panel discussions covering general strategies for navigating the job market (2 hours) and addressing specific barriers faced by candidates (1 hour). In the second half (1:30pm - 5:00pm), panelists will provide individualized and group feedback on attendees’ materials.