Social-Personality Undergraduate Research (SPUR) Program

The Social-Personality Undergraduate Research (SPUR) Program was originally created as a summer research internship for students interested in pursuing a graduate degree in social-personality psychology. In 2021, the program transitioned into a March to December model with a similar mission—to expand opportunities for research experience for students from historically underrepresented racial backgrounds. Notably, the new SPUR program will seek to foster training and community engagement through virtual connections.

Mentors with active research labs at graduate or undergraduate institutions who are (1) amenable to working virtually with a SPUR trainee and (2) interested in supporting SPUR’s mission to provide opportunities to students from historically underrepresented backgrounds are encouraged to be SPUR mentors.

SPUR mentors must:

  • be personality or social psychology faculty (in any department)
  • have an active research lab at undergraduate or graduate research institutions
  • be SPSP members
  • have a capacity to mentor SPUR trainees online through chat and video conferencing platforms

Mentor expectations during the program:

  • Evaluate SPUR trainee applications for those that have selected you as a mentor
  • Join the SPUR preconference at the 2021 SPSP convention
  • Meet virtually with SPUR trainees to codesign and implement a research project using a schedule that works for the mentor and the trainee
  • Include SPUR trainees in ongoing lab activities in a way that is possible given the virtual format
  • Provide feedback to SPUR trainees about their project progress, and potentially, a letter of recommendation upon application to graduate school
  • Participate in one virtual professional development seminar with the SPUR trainees to discuss your research

Mentor awards:

  • SPUR mentors will receive $400 for research expenses during the course of the SPUR program for each SPUR trainee they agree to sponsor

Use the link below to apply. Applications will be accepted until November 22, 2021, 11:59 PM ET.