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2017 SISPP Application


Students will be selected on the basis of academic merit, promise as a researcher, and diversity, which includes gender, race/ethnicity, year in graduate school, area of interest and graduate program.

Students from the following categories are eligible to participate in SISPP: 

  • U.S./Canadian graduate studentsStudents enrolled in psychology graduate programs in the U.S. and Canada, who are SPSP members and who are enrolled in their second through fifth years of graduate study at the time of application are eligible. First-year graduate students are not eligible. 
  • Graduate students from outside the United States and Canada enrolled in social-personality-related graduate programs in countries that are not currently included in inter-organizational SISPP exchange programs (that is, countries covered by EASP and SASP).  Students accepted for these slots will receive up to $750 in travel funds and a registration waiver.  Scholarship funds will be available to help with travel expenses for these students. 
  • Postgraduate EASP members. These students will be selected and financially supported by the European Association of Social Psychologists. EASP postgraduate members should not apply through the SPSP portal. Instead, they should apply through the EASP website ( SPSP will accept five EASP postgraduate members, who will be selected by the EASP. 
  • Postgraduate SASP members. These students will be selected and financially supported by the Society of Australasian Social Psychologists. More information is available directly from SASP. More information is available directly from EASP (do not complete the application below).

Deadline to apply is January 27, 2017 (Midnight EDT) 

Apply by clicking here